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Monday, August 23, 2010

Mosque near 911 Twin Towers Memorial

I think this is a critical time in America's history. I have many Turk friends, in America, (including NY), they are a compassionate peoples. I feel that America's Twin Towers terrorist, high-jacked was also a terrorist act on the Islamic peoples. There was many Muslims who died on 911. The for fathers made it very clear that Americans has a legal right to worship, no matter what religion that be.

I know it's a shock to many but please take a big breath and rethink the situation of building Mosque near "Ground Zero."

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cherokees being made to submit DNA testing

Thanks Penny, for your post about this invasion of human kind. Are they going to start putting geo trackers on those Cherokees like they do to the bears?


Council passes several changes to Enrollment Ordinance

Due to the recent completion of the audit of the enrollment records of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, the issue of enrollment is on many people’s minds. That topic was discussed during the regular session of Tribal Council on Thursday, June 3 as several changes to the Tribe’s Enrollment Ordinance were approved in the form of Ordinance No. 277.

One of the major changes will be the addition of a DNA test being required for an enrollment application. The ordinance states that the following will be required for an application to be processed, “The results of a DNA test, from a lab acceptable to the Enrollment Committee, establishing the probability of paternity and/or maternity by the parent(s) through whom lineage is claimed for an applicant.”

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Social notworking site wants your bodily fluids

I've got a Bono to pick with you

By Sylvie Barak

I've got a Bono to pick with you

By Sylvie Barak


Online genetic testing exposed as a scam

"No lifeguard in gene pool shocka"

By Sylvie Barak

Thu Jul 03 2008, 11:01 SENDING YOUR BODILY fluids off to online DNA testing centres probably won’t bring you any closer to solving the mysteries in your family tree, according to an undercover investigation...........


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No where did James Needham and Gabriel Arthur mention the word "Cherokee." The Tomatitans were Creeks from GEORGIA! They had contact with the Spanish missions and even spoke about the missions with these two explorers. The word Chota is a Creek word and has no meaning in Cherokee. It means "Frog" and probably refers to the Frog clan. The French continued to have contacts with the Tomatitan's and their neighbors the Koasati until around 1730, when the region was conquered by the Cherokees. At that time the Koasati's and Tomatitans moved to Alabama.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mountain View