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Friday, August 31, 2007

Melungeons VS Redbones genforum

Say What?

If a person has both Redbone and Melungeon heritage, are they permitted to post on the Melungeon genform too? Or are they ostrasized by Melungeonist who dominate the Melungeon GenForum at


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Map Of St. Bernard Parish

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Will St. Bernard Parish become lost in time?

Two years after the great hurricane Katrina, the Nation's eyes are focused on the rebuilding of Louisiana. One of the most devastated parish was St. Bernard. The neighborhoods that I saw on the news reveals that St. Bernard Parish has yet to be rebuilt, in fact many may never be rebuilt.

Somewhere under all that muck and debris is the evidence of the remnants of a people who were known, over two centuries ago, as "Islenos." These Spanish speaking people came from the Canary Islands. They sailed to Louisiana in the years 1778-1783. Some of these Islenos settled in St. Bernard Parish and were farmers.

Will the 18th century Spanish-American heritage that was once a part of St. Bernard Parish become lost in time?

"The islanders, or islenos, were classified upon arrival as farmers or soldiers; those who were soldiers were enrolled in various Spanish regiments for training, and those who were farmers were settled in the Parishes of St. Bernard, Iberville, Assumption, and Iberia. The 2,000 Canary Islanders, who are listed by vessel and separately indexed thereunder, are named, first by the head of the family and then by relation to the head of the family, as, for example, wife, son, daughter, etc. Further information includes the ages of the children, dates of embarkation, and names of captains of the vessels...,"

Sample of 1779 Passengers

Abreu, Maria De
Absar, Antonia Francesca
Acebeda, Francesca
Acosta, Cecelia Sardina
Acosta, Francesca De
Acosta, Josefa
Acosta, Maria
Acosta, Pedro
Aguiar, Isabel Francesca De
Aguilar, Andres
Aguilar, Antonia
Aguilar, Antonia
Aguilar, Antonio Romo Y.
Aguilar, Bernardino
Aguilar, Catalina
Aguilar, Catalina DeJesus
Aguilar, Francesca
Aguilar, Josefa
Aguilar, Juana
Aguilar, Maria De
Aleman, Antonia Espino
Aleman, Josef
Aleman, Juan
Aleman, Maria
Aleman, Mathias
Aleman, Ysabel
Aleosia, Ana Alvarez
Aleosia, Domingo
Aleosia, Gaspar Antonio
Aleosia, Maria

Source: Passenger and Immigration List Index by Borderbound.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hessian Soldiers who remained in America

Hessian Soldiers who stayed in the Americas after the American Revolutionary War.

1782 Havana

Assmann, Johannes
Cramer, Johann Franz Christian
Drewes, Johann Jost
Duesse, Johann Philipp
Figge, Christian
Fischer, Henrich
Friedeborn, Georg
Goebel, Johannes
Hahne, Ernst
Kann, Adam
Kleine, Karl
Knoechel, Barthold
Kuester, Ludwig
Kuethe, Henrich
Meier, Zacharias Wilhelm
Meisner, Johannes
Meuske, Johannes
Meyer, Zacharias Wilhelm
Risch, Johannes
Rodewald, Friedrich
Schimmel, Johann Georg
Schrantz, Josef
Schumann, Peter
Schwencke, Johann Georg Friedrich
Stallmann, Henrich Wilhelm
Stiesing, Henrich
Stoecker, Johannes
Tuitel, Jean
Ulenbruch, Henrich
Unger, Johannes
Walter, Jakob
Warlich, Jeremias
Weber, Johann Henrich
Werlich, Jeremias

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Mattel Recall Alert

Mattel spokesman talks about the recall of millions of toys.

For a list of all languages go to:

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Melungeons in the New World Before 1607

Melungeons in the New World - bluestar

Melungeons in the New World - Part 3

Melungeons in the New World - Part 2

Melungeons in the New World - Part 1

Saturday, August 18, 2007

John Tudell

John Trudell an Indian and activist tells his life story in a documentary. The doucmentary won an award.

"In 1979, while protesting the US government's policy on American Indian affairs, John Trudell burned an American Flag on the steps of FBI headquarters in Washington DC. Within a matter of hours his pregnant wife, three children and mother-in-law were killed in a suspicious fire on a Nevada reservation. This ended his role in the movement, but his voice would not be silenced."

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

County Formation Timeline and Maps

A great site for genealogy research, SMARC County Formation Timeline and Map

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Intact 2,000-year old Etruscan tomb discovered By Deepa Babington

"ROME (Reuters) - Archaelogists have discovered a more than 2,000-year-old Etruscan tomb perfectly preserved in the hills of Tuscany with a treasure trove of artifacts inside, including urns that hold the remains of about 30 people."


Thursday, August 09, 2007

Bearhead Creek Redbones

Find out more about a unique group of people, Bearhead Creek Redbones.


gathering on October 27, 2007 at the VFW Hall in Starks, Louisiana

Houston Bridges has announced for all to mark their calender for October 27, 2007.

I quote "We're gathering on October 27, 2007 at the VFW Hall in Starks, Louisiana to talk about our kinship and our history. We're going to tell stories and remember our ancestors. We're also going to talk about what it means to be a Redbone."

This will be the Third Annual Redbone Conference!!!! Keep up the great work Redbones!!


My Mother's People

by Ray "Houston" Bridges

This is such a spiritual site about the Ashworth family history.


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Abraham Lincoln, hairy people and Turks on a Wall of Shame?

Say What?

Abraham Lincoln, hairy people and Turks on a Wall of Shame? Melungeon impostors? Are they spies? What is a Melungeon Squat? Is it something you grow in the garden or is it a weed of some sort?

Read it for yourself at the grand opening of the "Wall of Shame."

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Cape Fear Profile: A Lumbee woman's quest for justice

By Venita Jenkins

The Fayetteville Observer has an article and it's a must read for anyone who is interested in the fate of the Lumbee Indians.

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Melungeons in the New World Before 1607

audience gathered at the Melungeon Heritage Association Conference June 30, 2007.

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Richard Kennedy and Wayne Winkler about Melungeons.

Hear songs by The Kennedy Brothers, Richard Kennedy, Mark Wooten and William Thompson

This is a fantastic podcast, once angain Wayne Winkler has made us proud!!!! Go Wayne!

Say What?

Richard Kennedy was talking on behalf of his brother Brent!!! Looking good Richard!! You sure did capture my husband's attention with the Irish tune! He is your fan!

Thank you Guys!


Study finds twist in human evolution - Yahoo! News

"Surprising fossils dug up in Africa are creating messy kinks in the iconic straight line of human evolution with its knuckle-dragging ape and briefcase-carrying man."


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

"Melungeon College"

Dr. Kennedy himself was diagnosed with sarcoidosis, a multi-system disorder characterized in affected organs by a type of inflammation called granulomas. He said the disorder affects primarily three groups of people in this country: African-Americans living in the southeastern United States, Portuguese immigrants in New England and Appalachian whites.

He said all these things did not make sense in a Scots-Irish family, and it made him search harder for the answers.

"I made people angry with my questions, but little by little I began to discover that my family's history was very different from what I was told. I discovered that my four grandparents had this strange heritage called Melungeon. I discovered the history of our family name. The little Kennedy history book and the Kennedy coat of arms are bogus. I found that my Kennedys were here 20 years before the ship arrived that carried them."

Kennedy came from the word "kannada" or "canada" ("alley" in Portuguese); later it went through an evolution and became Kanaday, and finally Kennedy.


The Turkish Times/Local

Alihan Karakartal, an exchange student from University of Istanbul, has delivered the commencement speech on May 18 at University Virginia, Wise campus. The school is also known as the "Mellungeon College" due to the number of Melungeons registered. There are eight Turkish students at UV-Wise.

Congartulations Alihan Karakartal!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Famous fossil Lucy leaves Ethiopia - Yahoo! News

Famous fossil Lucy leaves Ethiopia by Anita Powell, Associated Press Writer

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia - After 3.2 million years in East Africa, one of the world's most famous set of fossils was quietly flown out of Ethiopia overnight for a U.S. tour that some experts say is a dangerous gamble with an irreplaceable relic.

More about ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia


Thursday, August 02, 2007


Say What? Turks from Turkey? I saw a lot of Turks from Turkey at the MHA gathering in June 2007. One of them was a magnificent dancer!! I was honored to meet Turks who worked for a Turkish TV station who came to film the Melungeons. This is a picture from the MHA gathering. The man with the hat is Turker Ozdogan. Turker, has many talents and is an artist and Turkish historian. He gave an eye-opening lecture about “Turkish-Melungeon Connections.” Mr. Ozdogan is a professor of ceramics at George Washington University.


MTIH 360 The Lost Colony, 1587

"Matt's Today in History, July 22, 2007"

Podshow to see if you are interested in the history of the lost colony of Roanaoke.


Family Tree DNA Transfer In Offer

Janet Crain who is the moderator of the Rootsweb MELUNGEON-DNA-L announced in July 2007 that Family Tree DNA has a promotion that would be in effect until August 15, 2007.

More about the promation Rootsweb MELUNGEON-DNA-L

So if you have been planning to take advantage of this special promotion now would be a great time to do so! FAMILY TREE DNA


Hoke County North Carolina Genealogy

"Hoke was formed in 1911 from Cumberland and Robeson Counties."

The Origin of Hoke County

The Hoke County Journal of October 17, 1916 recounts the formation of Hoke County: "The bill creating the county of Hoke.........

Hawk Eye Elementary renews roots

Hawk Eye Elementary renews roots By Jennifer Calhoun Staff writer

Cape Fear Profile: A Lumbee woman's quest for justice

Cape Fear Profile: A Lumbee woman's quest for justice By Venita Jenkins Staff writer

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Genealogy Craze in America.

Strangled by Roots


Melungeons: Crucial Info About Your Ancestors

Say what? Melungeons on youtube? Check it out!


Oral radition VS Writen Recod

clipped from

In prehistoric times, advice and knowledge was passed from generation to generation in an oral tradition. The development of writing enabled knowledge to be stored and communicated across generations with much greater fidelity.
The precession of Earth's axis can be used to grasp just how ancient is the study of astronomy; there were astronomers in India 6500 years ago; at that time, the vernal equinox was in Orion (around 4500 BC) as mentioned in the Vedas.
The idea that the Sun was at the centre of the solar system, and hence a heliocentric solar system, was first discovered sometime between 1500 BC and 500 BC in the Vedic literature of ancient India, such as the Vedas which often referred to the Sun as the "centre of spheres".
clipped from
Fields of Indian mathematics
Arithmetic: Decimal system, Negative numbers (see Brahmagupta), Zero (see Hindu-Arabic numeral system), the modern positional notation numeral system,
Geometry: Square roots
Algebra: Quadratic equations
General mathematics
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