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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hampshire County West Virginia - Natural landmarks

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Chronicles of border warfare, or, A history of the settlement by the whites

Book Description

"Largely written by William Powers and William Hacker, but prepared for publication by Withers, according to a statement made by a grandson of Powers. Cf. L.G. McWhorter, The border settlers of northwestern Virginia, 1915, p. 41-42.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lecher County, Kentucky Genealogy


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Indian Mound Cemetery, Romney, WV

I did not know that people who had passed away in the 20th Century could be buried in this Indian Mound. Hiram Cooper a distant cousin, from my gg grandfather, Hiram Cooper. As I understand the custom, the deceased had to be a descenant of the Indians who built the mound.

Name: Hiram C./Cooper
Sex: Male
Death Date: 25 Mar 1931
Death Place: Hampshire, West Virginia
Age at Death: 71y 5m 5d

Mother: Margaret/Hummel
Mother's Birth Place:
Father: George W./Cooper


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Early WV Settlement

Chronicles of border warfare, or, A history of the settlement by the whites

Monday, March 16, 2009

Stutler Family Tree

Mohawk Nation News


Virginia's slave codes

John Stutler on the Clinch 1772

The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography‎ -
by Virginia Historical Society - Virginia - 1922

Page 201

... settled on Clinch in 1772 and the same year John Stutler and Uriah Stone
came. Maxwell lived there until 1784, and during that time two of his daughters


John Stutler - Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

State and supply transcripts of the county of Cumberland for the years 1778, 1779, 1780, 1781, 1782, 1785

By Cumberland County (Pa.), William Henry Egle
Published by W. S. Ray, state printer of Pennsylvania, 1898
Item notes: v. 20
782 pages

Page 9

... Simon 34 1 1 3.15 .0 Stoner, Barnard, 1.10 .0 Stull, Lodewick 61 2 1 6 .8 .0 Stoneking, John 37 1 1 3 . .0 Snavely, Andrew, 2 2 14.14 .0 Stutler, John, ...
Page 12

... 1.10 .0 John Knave, 1.10 .0 John Nicholas 1.10 .0 John Stutler 1.10 .0 Abraham Stoner, 1.10 .0 James ...

John Stutler - Washington County 1770

"In 1770, William Herbert settled on Cubb Creek in the present Washington County. The first settlement on the land had been by James McCarthy. Patrick Porter moved to Clinch in 1770. In the same year Jacob Young, who had settled on Reed Creek in the present county of Wythe, soon moved to Holstein. William McGhee (McGaughey) made a settlement in 1771 in Turkey Cove of Powell's Valley in the present Lee County. Peter Cloud and Thomas Lovelady had been living there some time before. McGhee moved in from Holston River, where he had been living. In the same year Valentine Harmon improved a piece of land on Clinch in the present Tazewell County. Samuel Walker came at the same time, and William Wynne was then living there. In 1771 Colonel James Dysart and Joseph Ray made a tour of nine months through Kentucky and of eleven months in 1772. In 1700 they made a similar tour of six months. Isaac Blangy (or Ballinger) had settled in App's (Abb's) Valley prior to 1771. It has borne that name since 1760. Robert Poage bought land there in the fall of 1771. Colonel James Maxwell and James Peerey settled on Clinch in 1772 and the same year John Stutler and Uriah Stone came. Maxwell lived there until 1748 and during that time two of his daughters were killed by Indians. The same land had been improved in 1760 and was called Ingles' Crabb Orchard, settled by John Ingles. In this year, 1771, Francis Fugate settled on Big Moccasin Creek. John Montgomery had gone there in 1771 with his father, Alexander Montgomery. The same year, John Tate settled. Francis Cooper settled there in 1770. Big Moccasin about this time became totally vacated for fear of Indians, and remained so about one year. In 1771 there was not a family on the north (west) side of Clinch Mountain for a distance of ten miles. Henry Dougherty made a settlement on Laurel Fork of Holstein River in 1773. Mrs. Nancy Tate, Robert Fowler and James Crabtree followed soon after."

John Stutler

Lord Dunmore's little war of 1774 By Warren Skidmore, Donna Kaminsky Pages

Page 49
... William Smith; David Stuart; John Stuart; Jonathan Sandusky; John Stutler; Richard Tennant; Drummer; Nathaniel Randall; James Wilkey; John Waterhouse; ...

Page 74
... James Tarpley for damage done a gun; Charles Parsons horse hire; John Stutler for a Mare; Philip Ross for provisions; Thomas Cresap for 206 Ib. Biscuit; ...

Page 149
... John Spratt, By 19 days driving horses; John Stutler, By 17 days work, By 77 days driving horses, By Allowance for hunting Cattle; John Scott, ...

Page 274
... 141 Sturgeon Francis, 126 Stutler John, 49, 74, ...


John Stutler Augusta, Virginia 1771

Maxwell History and Genealogy By Florence Amelia Wilson Houston, Laura Anna Cowan Blaine, Ella Dunn

Page 529

The following fall deponent came again with Robert Moffitt. Shortly afterward two men came out, viz: John Stutler and ...


John Stutler - Pennsylvania in 1786

Pennsylvania Archives By Samuel Hazard, John Blair Linn, William Henry Egle, George Edward Reed, Thomas

John Stutler is mentioned on pages 728, 1338


John Stutler of Maryland 1796

"Maryland records, colonial, revolutionary, county and church" By Gaius Marcus

page 277


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Announcement of Melungeon Conference

The first annual Melungeon Historical Society Conference will focus on the documented history of the mysterious, mixed-ethnic group known as Melungeons, and will kick off a "Melungeon weekend" in Rogersville and Vardy, Tennessee.

The Conference takes place on Friday, June 12, 2009, from 10 am to 8 pm, at the Rescue Squad Building in Rogersville, Tennessee. Presentations include information on the Core Melungeon DNA Project, using DNA in genealogy, the history of the term "Melungeon," and many other topics of interest. On Saturday, June 13, the Vardy Community Historical Society will hold their annual Spring Fling at the Church and Museum on Vardy Road in Hancock County, Tennessee.

More details will be announced as plans develop. For more information, contact MHS president Wayne Winkler at .

THURS A Call for Truth, Reconciliation and Justice

A Call for Truth, Reconciliation and Justice Post-Bush

New America Media


Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez,

Posted: Mar 02, 2009



"Astrology-Numerology presents the basics of astrology and numerology. The site provides the beginner and the novice student with a wealth of information, all completely free of charge."

Great site, amazing how this is possible. I'm learning that the ancient civilizations had a vast understanding of the Heavens.


Saturday, March 07, 2009

Index of Fatalities in West Virginia Coal Mines 1883-1925

Extracted from The Reports of Mine Inspectors

Compiled and Indexed by Helen S. Stinson, 1985

Microfilmed by the LDS Family History Library


Sunday, March 01, 2009

Experts trying to decipher ancient language

By BARRY HATTON, Associated Press Writer


ALMODOVAR, Portugal – When archaeologists on a dig in southern Portugal last year flipped over a heavy chunk of slate and saw writing not used for more than 2,500 years, they were elated.