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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Turk Forum

"Is your Turkish a little bit rusty today? No worries!
Although our website is primarily for Turkish speakers, we do have a sister website
where you can enjoy thousands of photos of Turkey and not be bothered with weird letters."

"Social Constructs - Definitions of Key Race Relations Terms"

From Susan Pizarro-Eckert,
Your Guide to Race Relations.

"Social Constructs and Race

Research studies have challenged the idea of race by presenting evidence that the scientific basis for racial difference rests on shaky ground. A few studies found that "within group" differences (genetic variations within same-race groups) were more significant than those found between groups representing different races, and thus concluded that there is truly only one race, the human race."

Monday, March 19, 2007

Tim Hashaw's New Book

Road To Jamestown

"Tim Hashaw's genealogical journey reveals a personal link to the nation's first African slaves and their struggle for freedomBy FRITZ LANHAMCopyright 2007 Houston Chronicle Tim Hashaw might have named George Washington Hashaw, Confederate cavalryman and casualty of the Battle of Galveston, his most eminent ancestor. That is, until he unearthed the truth about G.W.'s daughter-in-law. Family lore had always described her as a Choctaw, but tracing her ancestry Hashaw discovered a more complex racial past, one that took him all the way back to the nation's beginnings and to the first African slaves to set foot in British North America."

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Slave Descendants Lose Tribal Status

How demeaning that the Chrokees are expelling the desendants of slaves, it was not their fault they were made to be slaves. Can DNA testing be done to verify the Indian genetic makeup of those who are in question?