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Friday, November 28, 2008

The Barbados Connection

"The English successfully settled the colony with the
assistance of the English Barbadians that came as part
of the earlier contingents. These English West Indians
had already known the defeats and successes of such a
task, and brought with them those "lessons learned" on
the island of Barbadoes and instituted them in
colonial South Carolina. It was these settlers who
brought along plantation management and African
ancestored slaves."


Heirloom Levant waist sash

The Levant Sash that Patty Baldwin was passed on to her by her grandmother. Her grandmother was familiar with herbal medicines to heal the sick and wounded. This sash is a relic of the true past.


Barbados Link

Barbados Link May Provide "Smoking Gun" Clue to Melungeon Surnames

by Brent Kennedy


South Carolina's African-American History and Culture

"Visit the region where Africans as slaves and indentured servants helped settle the first permanent colony in the Carolinas in 1670. Tour the region where the Gullah language and culture still flourish! Walk the streets of historic Charleston and trace African American life from the arrival of slaves in the 1670s to the modern Civil Rights Movement. All across South Carolina, you’ll find historic sites, plantations, churches, museums, art centers, monuments and festivals dedicated to honoring the art, music, spirit and accomplishments of South Carolina African Americans."

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Broad-based Perspective


Tribute to Calvin Beale

Traveling The Rural Road With Calvin Beale

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Calvin L. Beale 1923-2008

Calvin L. Beale, a government demographer who was among the first to recognize the transformation of America’s rural landscape from farms to a mixture of farms, industry and vacation homes, died on Tuesday in Washington. He was 85.

Heirloom Levant waist sash

Patricia Hopkins-Baldwin Family Photos