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Thursday, January 26, 2006

RootsWeb: Melungeon-L Re: [Melungeon] Who were they

RootsWeb: Melungeon-L Re: [Melungeon] Who were they: "SHIPWRECKED PORTUGUESE
Title: Letters to the Secretary of State and others from the Governors, Alexander Spotswood, William Gooch, Robert Dinwiddle and Francis Fauquier, and Presidents Thomas Lee and Lewis Burwell, with enclosures and replies. Depository: Public Record Office / Class: C.O. 5/1344 SR Number: SR 00233 Reel Number: 48 Dates: 1726 - 1783 References: Lists & Indexes, Vol. XXXVI, 29. Andrews Guide 183, List 493. ff. 86-87 Lords of Trade to the Duke of Bedford,

10 Jan 1750/51. Spanish and Portuguese ships driven into ports of Virginia by bad weather. Encloses the four (only adding two) documents listed below: ff. 90-91 Enclosed in the above. Extract of a letter from Thomas Lee to the Board of Trade, **6 Nov. 1750. The Spanish and Portuguese ships driven into Virginia ports have proven irrepairable**. The masters have been given permission to hire other ships to carry their cargoes to Europe.
The Expedition of Batts and Fallam:
A Journey from Virginia to beyond the Appalachian Mountains, September, 1671.
From Annals of Southwest Virginia, 1769-1800.

September 5th 1671
''The three gentlemen bore a commission from Major-general Wood 'for the finding out tile ebbing and flowing of the Waters on the other side of the Mountains in order to the discovery of the South Sea.'
They struck off due west along a trail that was evidently already familiar, and having five horses made rapid progress. On the fourth day 'they reached the Sapony villages, one of which Lederer had visited the year before. They were 'very joyfully and kindly received with firing of guns and plenty of provis"

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