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Thursday, January 26, 2006 Blog Blog: "
About Public Eye

Public Eye�s fundamental mission is to bring transparency to the editorial operations of CBS News � transparency that is unprecedented for broadcast and online journalism.

And what, exactly, is transparency? It has several aspects, but most simply it is this: the journalists who make the important editorial decisions at CBS News and will now be asked to explain and answer questions about those decisions in a public forum.

Public Eye will be run by a team of independent and experienced journalists. They will take questions, criticisms and observations from our vast and articulate audience to the people of CBS News and try to come back with some answers, explanations and analyses. The Public Eye team will also report on CBS News, working sources, talking to the reporters, producers and executives who make the news, not just to the press office.

Public Eye is an opportunity for our audience to hold CBS News more publicly accountable. It is also an opportunity for CBS News to be more open about how and why it makes editorial decisions that affect what millions of people see, hear and read each news day. So Public Eye will be a forum for debate, a conversation about the news between the people who produce it and the people who consume it. We hope the debate will not be a series of pompous discourses on Serious Journalism.

Public Eye is not primarily a forum for the personal opinions of the folks who write Public Eye � so perhaps it is not a classic blog in that sense. Like all human beings, the Eyeballers have opinions and will express them from time to time. They will try to be clear about their personal perspectives and values. The emphasis, however, is dialogue and reporting.

Breaking out of the traditional 'ombudsm"

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