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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

RootsWeb: Melungeon-L Re: [Melungeon] DNA Studies

RootsWeb: Melungeon-L Re: [Melungeon] DNA Studies: " National Genealogical Society Quarterly.

Feature Articles:
The Science of Molecular Genealogy
Ugo A. Perego, Ann Turner, M.D., Jane E. Ekins, and Scott R. Woodward, Ph.D

Powerful but Requiring Caution: Genetic Tests of Ancestral Origins
Tony N. Frudakis, Ph.D.

David Meriwether: Descendant of Nicholas(1) Meriweather? A DNA Study
Anita A. Lustenberger, CG

Sorting Relationships among Families with the Same Surname: An Irish-American DNA Study
Donn Devine, CG, CGI

Genetic Genealogy: Issues and Considerations
Thomas H. Shawker, M.D.



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