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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Melungeons, history, genealogy, research, articles - 2005 Kennedy article

Melungeons, history, genealogy, research, articles - 2005 Kennedy article: "
Richard Kennedy, 1973

In other words, we are approximately 49 % northern European, with the other 51% consisting of a mix of south Asian, Turkish-Greek, Middle Eastern, and sub-Saharan African. A far cry from the 100% northern European argued for by this early critic (and a percentage that may be significantly lower than what might have been found in my late mother. In fact, as follow-up we are having both my and my father�s DNA analyzed as well to see if we can better establish the sources of our various heritages. I plan on releasing those results, as well).

To further appreciate my brother�s results, and for comparative purposes, DNAPrint Genomics ( provides the following �average results� for northern Europeans:

The �average� northern European is:
82% Northern European
05.5% Greek-Turkish (now termed southeastern European)
01.5% South Asian (India-Pakistan)
11% Middle Eastern

And this is an average for modern Europeans: several centuries back one would expect the more �southerly� ethnic admixtures to be even less significant than they are today, with �northern European� genes having been even more dominant then. Too, many modern northern Europeans, including some examples at the above website, test out in the 90% to 95% Northern European range, with generally no south Asian. In fact, here are results of the same test provided to me in confidence from a Turkish friend (both parents from the Anatolian region) and a British friend (now living in the D.C. area):

Turkish Friend
Northwestern Europe 21%
Turkish-Greek/southeastern European 35%
South Asian 32%


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