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Sunday, February 12, 2006

DNA Tribes Personal Genetic Analysis

DNA Tribes Personal Genetic Analysis: "Frequently Asked Questions
About DNA Tribes Personal Genetic Analysis

Q: What is DNA Tribes?

A: DNA Tribes is a personal genetic analysis that uses state-of-the-art GeoGenetic Profile
technology (Patent Pending) to identify your closest genetic relatives in populations around
the world.

DNA Tribes is the only commercially available personal ancestry test that delivers both a
geographically precise and a representative 'big picture' view of your genome in one
affordable package. DNA Tribes was compares your genetic profile to hundreds of global
populations, avoiding the limitations of both uniparental tests (Y chromosome and mtDNA)
and SNP admixture tests.

DNA Tribes includes three tests designed to give you maximum information at an affordable

1. Native Match results are your 10 closest matches in a database of 208 native populations
that have experienced minimal movement and admixture in modern history (roughly, the last
500 years).

2. Global Match results are your 10 closest matches in a database of 349 global
populations, including native peoples as well as diaspora groups that expanded from their
homelands and sometimes admixed with other populations in recent history (such as
Chinese Singaporeans, U.S. Caucasians, Afro-Brazilians, and Hispanic Americans).

3. Continent Match results (included with BGA Plus orders) are your estimated relative
likelihood of membership in four continental biogeographical clusters: European, Native
American, Sub-Saharan African, and East and South Asian. These clusters were developed
using state-of-the-art statistical methods based on our global population database, and


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