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Monday, February 06, 2006

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Hi, Sonia,

We were quite interested in your post on the Waldens/Chavis/Goins families. We were not aware that the Waldens of Moore County, NCwere originally Chavises. We have several pages in the Moore County section of the Foundation manuscript that deal with the Goins, but nothing that dealt with the Waldens. Will you please give us the benefit of what you learn about the Goins-Waldens relationships.

The Search Engine on our Website turned 27 files that deal with the Chavis family. Most of these references were written by Charles James McDonald Furman, a newspaperman of South Carolina. Around 1890-1905 he enterviewed various members of the Chavis Settlement in Williamsburg County, SC. Evelyn McKinley Orr, First Union speaker, has researched his interviews which were published in SC newspapers around the turn of the century.

The patriarch was John Chavis, a Revolutionary soldier from Roanoke Count who moved to SC. Later, some of his descendants by the name of Smiling [known as the Smiling Indians] removed to Robeson County, NC. There they were involved in the Pembroke School lawsuit which became an early landmark case on segregation. You might find it helpful to your search to read Fu"


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