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Thursday, March 20, 2008

History of Methodism in Tennessee By John B. McFerrin

"From Rye Cove I went to Stallard's, on the ford of Clinch River. Here I found trouble on hand. Two local preachers had been expelled, and were making fearful inroads in the society. I preached, and regulated the concerns of the Church in the best manner I could, and left them in the hands of their Maker, and, turning my course to the south, came to Moccasin Gap. This was a natural curiosity- a large creek, running directly through the high mountain I have just described. The source of the creek was on the north side of the mountain, which run parallel to the Clinch River for some miles, then turned short to the south, and emptied into Holston River. "

Good book, I recommend reading.