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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This is not about the Armenian genocide....It is about the MHA


First of all MHA has done nothing wrong. I don't think there is a problem for MHA to address, since they have not done nothing wrong. So I suspect this is why there is "RELUCTANCE."

You don't know everything the only things you know is from the Internet which is a place that one can't believe everything that you read. The article is written by a reporter, some reporters are better than others. The translation of the article are another stumbling block, that is over looked.

"The right thing to do was to make an immediate decision to sever the ties to the ATAA"

Just why do you want the ties to the ATAA severed? I would appreciate an answer to this question. Do you hate Turks because of their religion? Do you fear them? Should we sever our ties to our ally, Turkey? Is this your main mission?

The United States and Turkey have been working on a friendship for over a decade. I can remember Pres. Bill Clinton visiting Turkey to lend support for Turkey's acceptance into the WTO. The area of Istanbul was having earthquake trembles during his visit, it was that important to Pres. Clinton. If the Melungeons has made our country and Turkey better allies, then I am proud of the fact. Kudos for Melungeons.

I want my grandchildren to live in a better world that is a global community. Your war against MHA, ATAA and many others is wrong. You act like a spoiled brat who wants everything to fit her tiny world. Grow up and help build a global community for those who will come after we pass away from this world.

Joanne, you have managed to spin yourself in your own spider web.