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Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Melungeon Health Group

Joanne Pezzullo, the leader and founder of the Melungeon Heritage Research Group at Yahoo, has announced a New Melungeon Health Group. Their purpose is to discuss "Health issues that affect some Melungeons and others that don't."

This new Melungeon Health Group, founded by the leader of the MHRG, is not a replacement for the "Historic Melungeon Health Education and Support Network."

Nancy Morrison has done a superb job of research on the Melungeons, her years of research and experience has made her an expert on Melungeon health issues. The comfort that she gave to those who contacted her over time was a God send to many people. Doctors were telling patients that their pain was in the head, nothing was wrong with them. Nancy held people's trust and did find them the right road to health. I'm talking about hundreds of people of the years.