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Monday, October 20, 2008

EH bandwagon

On Monday, Spet. 22

Gerre Byrd sure did get a chopping from Tari, so sorry for the down right mean rude response. Gerre, I'm positive that both Beth and Brent, plus thousands of others would enjoy looking at your priceless family photos. It is just amazing how physical features are passed on for generations. Every now then the Melungeon DNA-genes, randomly come into being. In other words, one of your siblings looks adopted or as they sometimes say, that one must be the milkman's kid.

Gerre, most genealogist do not verbally attack others who are working on the same surnames. Tari is wrong in many areas and she has not figured out that thousands of people alive today share common ancestors with her, Melungeon or non Melungeon. Tari doesn't know what she is talking about, she keeps going in circles with the same few surnames and limits her research in the process.

Give people a break, Tari!!