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Friday, July 18, 2008

Obama's Family Tree

Senator Barack Obama is a Melungeon according to many genealogist. On Obama's mothers side, is a very rich and proud heritage. News reporters are quick to mention Senator Obama's father heritage, trying to put to shame his African and Islam heritage. Barack Obama embraced his father's people who live in Africa. But to the news media this embrace is equaled to being anti-American. Of course this is obsurd.

Senator Obama like everyone else has another heritage on his mother's side. Genealogist have traced his mother's side and found a very interesting and rich heritage. Barack's ancestors have been living in this country for at least 250 years. His ancestors like the rest of our ancestors were trying their best to keep America a free Nation. One of his ancestors fought in the bloody Civil War.

Senator Obama, like me, is a Melungeon. Donald Collins, a Melungeon, traces this Melungeon heritage to Nathaniel Bunch of Louisa County, Virginia. Nathaniel was born 23 Apr. 1793.