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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Re:An example of the "shunning and shaming" tactic

Excerpt :

MaryE wrote:

<<"Larry, the 'shunning and shaming' is a human trait. Been used by every culture since day one. It is very effective if the subject person is in his right mind and is educible.">>


I don't know about being a human trait. However I can tell you that through out history the woman were raped by the men of their nation's victors. This practice is ongoing to this very day. Many woman became pregnant as a result. Some of the victims of rape conceived and gave birth to babies that might have resembled the rapist - the conquerors.

These are the children who were shunned and put to shame because of their physical features.

This is what the Melungeon Movement is about....we are all akin.

The shunning and shaming the people of mix-ancestry is just plain wrong.

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