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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Queen of the Melungeons?

This day in history: Joanne, the leader of the Melungeon Heritage Research Group became known as Joanne - Queen of the Melungeons.



"Nancy can call me anything she wants as long as she keeps pointing out how all my hard work has paid off."

"She is right. Rootsweb,, and this board use to be flooded with people who claimed to be Melungeons because they had a Turkish disease, a bump, a squat, or because they had a surname that was in Kennedy's book."

"What started out as a 'handful' of people who kept posting the truth everywhere grew and grew -- and finally the truth started poking up everywhere -- until we have the current situation -- I'm quite proud to have been part of this Melungeon Movement that has been working to take back our heritage!"