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Thursday, April 10, 2008

The purpose of this group is:

Maybe the Yahoo Group named Melungeon Heritage Research is not understanding that the ATAA is made up of Turkish-Americans. There is nothing wrong with these Americans being lobbists. Who are they (MHRG) to deny these Turkish-Americans their freedom to celebrate both their American and Turkish culture?

I have been reading the posts at MHRG and in my opinion they are a group who have a sincere hostility for Turkish Americans. Some of the posts are laughable, these ones have a caveman mentality.

The MHRG even professes their intentions towards the Turkish Americans communities. They hate the people of Turkey. They think that the Turks want to rule the world. I tell you this is paranoid thinking.

The Melungeon Heritage Research Group now has a Saint among them. She arose to sainthood when she revealed the that there is no Turkish DNA to begin with. So she concludes that ALL Melungeons do not have Turkish DNA in their body, based on the facts, she just figured out.

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