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Friday, March 28, 2008

"We won't play the MHA" exposure

I am so happy that people understand these important facts, thanks Joanne.

Joanne wrote:

"The MHA has kindly acknowledged that we may support the Armenians if we choose."

''MHA supports the idea, as do most organizations, that any member retains the right to take a personal, political position on an issue and use their right as an American to voice that to their representatives.''

I don't like the fact that America is being used to choose....not matter what we do one country will no longer be an ally. Shouldn't this be settled by historians and not by politics?

What took place during the fall of the Ottoman Empire should be studied and revealed. The people who had their families murdered need closure.

Perhaps with the Melungeons getting involved.....both Armenians and Turks will come to realize that we are all in this world together. We are akin too. Just look at the DNA results.