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Thursday, March 27, 2008

2ndlook - Forgotten Indian Diaspora In Europe - 1000 years ago


"Sharing the concentration camps with the Jews were a fringe European group - Roma Gypsies. 80% of the Romany Gypsy population - a greater percentage of Roma Gypsies died than the Jews. The world has little sympathy - and no intention of doing anything about this holocaust. One out of three in a concentration camps were Jews - the rest were Roma Gypsies and others (Jehovah's Witnesses Spanish Republicans, and ordinary criminals). Estimates of Roma Gypsy deaths in the Nazi holocaust vary and are contradictory - between 2 lakhs to 15 lakhs. A weighted median figure seems to be 5 lakhs - and better figures are difficult as Roma Gypsies were considered unfit for inclusion as human population in various census operations."