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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Turkish Merchant

A Cotswold Family
Page 98

To the Church of St. Laurence, Jewry, he gave, with other benefactions, a stained glass window, which was destroyed in the Great Fire, and, in fact, to all churches of any parishes where he had property (and they were many) he gave generously.

Baptist Hicks was buried in Campden Church, and his momument is there. It bearsthe inscription : -

To the Memorie of her deare and deceased husband Baptist Lord Hicks, Viscount Campdem, borne of a worthy family in the citie of London; who by the blessing of God on his ingenious endeavers, arose to an ample etate, and to the foresaid degrees of honour : and out of those blessings disposed to the value of 10,000 lbs. Who lived religiously, vertuously, to the age of 78 years : and died octo : 18 : 1627.
* The "Episcopal Report" of the Gloucester Diosese in 1750 says that Sir Baptist Hickes was a Turkish merchant, and he vowed, when taken by the Moors, to lay out 500 lbs in charity if he ever returned to England. In a few hours afterwards he was retaken and he laid out in charity over 10,000 lbs. If this is true (but it was written 150 afterwards) it is but a proof of what an incomplete history of Baptist's activities this chapter is.