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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Comment on Turkish Component

Why do some people say Melungeons are not Turks? Those who make this statement are confusing readers. They are also eliminating an important fact about the admixture. They fail to mention the Native Americans who assimilated the Turks into their families, almost five centuries ago.

I think some people are just plain racist in their claims of Melungeon and "Turks" have no connections, a person can feel the hate in their hearts and minds. The Melungeon mixture came from a diverse people, but they can't fully accept the fact that there is a drop of non white genes in the family tree.

The people who came from the Old World were already a diverse mixture of people. Throughout mankind's history and to this very day, it is a common practice for murdering invaders to rape the women,they are considered spoils of war. These women are then considered outcasts by the survivors who also ostracized the invaders bastard children. When the invaders came to the shores of the Americas, they brought their old world habits of raping women as they conquered the new found civilizations.