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Saturday, February 23, 2008


Joanne you are exaggerating the truth. The formation of the group came to be because certain subjects on the Melungeon List were political. RootsWeb is for genealogy ONLY not for political issues. You can find the truth over on the Melungeon List. Starting a yahoo group was the right thing to do.

The Gen Forum's Melungeon Forum becomes so out of control that began to delete the offensive posts from the Melungeon forum. People everywhere is turned off by all this nastiness. This is the truth. Look at these boards. Of course you will not find the offensive posts because they have been deleted.

Another issue, so what if you can not find Sela on the Internet, maybe she is a young woman who just got her own computer. Maybe she is a newbie to the Internet because her family could not afford a computer and an Internet server. Sela is a person who is trying to understand the world that she lives in.

I think we all are capable of working together. We just need to get over the other side of the ridge. Jay is right, so what if a person is a Melungeon, it does not make you above other people or make a person special in any way. Almost everyone who lived during the 1800 and 1900's era in the Appalachian Mountains struggled to survive. For those who lived high up on the ridges life was almost unbearable but their will to survive kept them alive. At one of the MHA Gatherings Claude Collins related his experience with those who lived on the ridge. He said that he would make sure the children had milk to drink. The poverty in Appalachia was not limited to just Newmans Ridge, there were and still are groups living up on the mountain tops secluded from the towns below them. They are a shy people, how do I know this? Because I saw them and talked to a few folks. One ridge top had many children who were twins, I was told that this was common. We gave a man a ride to his girlfriend's home, she had just given birth to twins!

When I asked one lady about the history of the town and she told me that Kizzie Collins was the historian but he was out hunting. Because of lack of time I did not get a chance to talk with him.

Newmans Ridge is not unique, they are just one group of many mixed race people who choose to live atop the southeast Appalachian Mountains. Why do they choose to stay? Maybe because it was the land that was given to their ancestors for their service to the Revolutionary War? The land being passed from one generation to the next? These are the facts that we need to know in order to understand who were these people.