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Monday, January 14, 2008

The Ballad of Brent Kennedy

Melungeon List Post

January 11, 2008

May God have mercy on Mr. Don Collins and "Saint" Anonymous....this poem is full of hate, racism and most of all, it's Anti-American. This poem, in the eyes of the world shows all that we have a long journey ahead in conquering worldwide racism and inhumanity.

Mr. Don Collins, stop throwing stones at other people who have ancestors who came to America in the pre-colonial era. Who gave you the knowledge and the right to judge every one's genetic makeup? Instead of poking fun at those who are disabled, you might try volunteering at your local hospital....

Many folks claim that the Melungeon List is nothing more than a breeding ground for unsavory characters who constantly interfere with genuine Appalachian researchers. One may refer to the Melungeon List as documented proof.

Also, my friend Brent Kennedy's mind and his soul are functioning at 100% capcity.