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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Team plans to resurrect excavations at Croatan site

This is a from Archealogy News online news magazine. Amazing after 400 years, pieces of the Lost Colony/Croatan mystery are being looked at by modern day archeaologist.

"BUXTON — Seven years after significant 16th-century artifacts were last unearthed from an ancient ridge in Buxton Woods, a newly organized team plans to resume digs at the site of the Croatan chiefdom, a potential archaeological gold mine.

“There’s intact Indian midden in every site,” Fred Willard, director of the Lost Colony Center for Science and Research, said as he walked down Rocky Rollinson Road, sweeping his arm along the horizon of the wooded ridge. “We have artifacts in every single lot, and we have enough to dig here for the next 40 years.”

Willard’s group has partnered with universities, scientists, researchers, archaeologists, 35 property owners and volunteers to regenerate the Croatan Project, an effort that has lain fallow since retired East Carolina University archaeologist David Phelps conducted a dig in 1998."


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