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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Early Child Immigrants to Virginia, 1618-1642

Early Child Immigrants to Virginia, 1618-1642 By Robert Hume ( 1986)

Names from the records of Bridewell Royal Hospital [on microfilm kept at the archives in Beckenham, Kent]

Bridewell Royal Hospital was founded in 1553. Bridewell was not only a hospital but also a combination of prison, poor-house and school. In the early years of the 17th Century it appears there were a number of vagrant children roaming the streets of London. The Virginia Company requested some of these children be sent to the Virginia Colony. The children were given a pair of leather shoes and clothes before leaving their beloved homeland.


Abbott, Eliz

Ascue, John

Baker, George

Baker, John

Ball, Mary

Beale, Gryffin

Bromley, John

Bullocke, William

Chauster, Nicholas

Chidley, Rich

Crooke, Thomas

Dowse, Barbera

Evans, Robert

Farnby, Charles

Fisher, John

Fysher, John

Geffrey, George

Gibbins, William

Hankle, George

Holland, James

Jennings, Agnes

Johnson, John

Kinge, John

Kinge, Nath

Kinge, Robert

Laratt, William

Lowe, Robert

Moyses, Joseph

Nicholas, Thomas

Nicholls, Thomas

Nichols, Thomas

Nuttinge, Andrewe

Okeley, Amos

Otley, Thomas

Parker, William

Plunkett, William

Poore, Jasper

Pyper, Roger

Reade, Phillip

Rotlingham, Thomas

Sampson, Kath

Seaborne, Frances

Setevens, Thomas

Showell, Thomas

Sotherne, Roger

Sotherne, Roger

Southerne, Roger

Spencer, Ricd.

Stevens, Thomas

Taylor, Edward

Throckmorton, John

Trentram, James

Source: Extracted from microfilms of Bridewell Royal Hospital records kept at Bridewell/Royal Bethlem Hospital Joint Archives in Beckenham, Kent.



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