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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Antiquity, Project Gallery: Moore, Beck & Rodning

Joara and Fort San Juan: culture contact at the edge of the world David G. Moore, Robin A. Beck, Jr. & Christopher B. Rodning

"Joara was the political centre of a Mississippian chiefdom, one of many that dotted the cultural landscape of south-eastern North America from c. A.D. 1000 - 1600 (Anderson 1994; Beck 2003; Beck & Moore 2002; Hally 1994; Muller 1997; Smith 2000). During the mid-sixteenth century, Joara sat at the north-eastern edge of the Mississippian cultural world and at the north-western edge of the Spanish colonial frontier. Our research into the long-forgotten episode of Fort San Juan's founding and subsequent fiery destruction promises to help re-write the history of European exploration and settlement in eastern North America, offering a new and deeper appreciation of Spain's early presence in this colonial borderland and of the subsequent transformation of native societies."