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Sunday, March 02, 2008

History of Santa Elena


"First Spanish Occupation at Santa Elena (1566-1576)

"In January, 1566, Menéndez received a report that the Frenchmen were going to attempt to establish another settlement in Florida, so he gathered a fleet of ships and sailed north from St. Augustine to counter that effort. He did not encounter any sign of French presence on this trip, but he decided to establish an outpost on present-day Parris Island near Beaufort, South Carolina. He chose this spot because Ribault's initial settlement in Florida had been on or near Parris Island in 1562-1563, and he was concerned that the Frenchmen might return to that same area. Thus Santa Elena became the second of the "two or three towns" Menéndez had agreed to establish in Florida under his contract agreement with Phillip II."