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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Melungeon Lobby

This event happened 7 years ago. I posted the translation of the article...why didn't you complaining people not speak up at the time, in 2000? All of the major squawkers on today's Melungeon List was subscribed to the list when this was posted in 2000.

Turkey is an ally of America and their people should be treated with the respect that is due to them.

Whether Melungeon or not, my Baber history goes back to the Ottoman Empire.

Excerpt from Baber "Then one day my grandma gave the portrait of "Baber" to my mother. My mother placed the portrait on our dining room wall. When anyone asked who he was, she would reply, "Baber" and that he was an Indian, who came from India."

My Baber ancestors landed in Barbados before coming to America. Then Baber married into the Tide Water Indians, this was many centuries ago.

I suggest that some of you read a few books about the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire controlled vast lands as well as millions of diverse peoples of all races and religions.