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Sunday, September 16, 2007


News Release


Donald N. Yates, Ph.D.
Tel. 505.473.5155

DNA CONSULTING LAUNCHES ANCESTRY DISCUSSION BOARDS Has Support Forums for 300 Populations from around the World

SANTA FE, N.M. – (September 15, 2007) – DNA Consulting has introduced a website designed to help genetic genealogists understand their ethnic mix as determined by home DNA tests.

DNA Ancestor Communities is a support forum for users inputting their DNA profile into OmniPop, a world population database. OmniPop takes the unique set of markers contained in the DNA of each of us and estimates which countries and ethnic groups contributed to our overall ancestry.

“The use of population genetics for genealogy is a totally new, somewhat daunting technology, one that has just recently come into the reach of the consuming public,” said Donald N. Yates, principal investigator for DNA Consulting. “OmniPop is out there and available, but it’s tricky to use. We wanted to give people a special community in which to interpret and update their results. This way, they can grow, learn from and teach others as the science unfolds.”

OmniPop is the driving force behind a product DNA Consulting introduced only last year. Called the DNA Fingerprint Test, this home test looks at random markers spread across your entire genome, not just at your father’s Y chromosome or mother’s maternally inherited DNA type as do older tests. Accordingly, the DNA Fingerprint Test can paint a picture of your entire ancestry, not just selective lines.

DNA Fingerprint Test gives you your top 20 matches to populations around the world, plus a separate list for European countries. These are interpreted in a custom report that summarizes the likely major countries of your principal ancestry, as well as the presence of any admixture from minor ancestral lines (for instance, Native American). The test can reveal hidden or small degrees of ancestry that may not be shown in traditional DNA tests.

Not just customers, but anyone can participate in DNA Ancestor Communities. The last public version of OmniPop is available there free.

DNA Consulting supports the development of OmniPop and uses the most up-to-date version in its DNA Fingerprint Test, with data from more than 300 world populations – and counting. At the new website, customers can discuss how well their DNA Fingerprint results match the family’s oral traditions and known genealogy. They can also upload pictures and share links to special information about different countries of origin and family trees.

In addition to world OmniPop populations, every DNA Fingerprint Test includes the top-ranking matches according to the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes database. Because they use different standards, OmniPop and ENFSI cannot be combined into a single database, and two searches are necessary. The company is the only test provider to provide this service. The Europe forum within DNA Ancestor Communities has expert help on using ENFSI and understanding human migrations in post-Ice Age Europe.

The DNA Fingerprint Test sells for $250.00 and is available for immediate ordering online at or by calling toll-free 1-877-473-5155. The website address of DNA Ancestor Communities is



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