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Friday, June 15, 2007

"Davis: The Settlers of Salem, West Virginia"

Davis: The Settlers of Salem, West Virginia by Susie Davis Nicholson (Bicentennial Edition, 1992) has been reprinted. The cost is $75.00 plus $4.00 postage and handling. (All the $60.00 preprinting orders have been filled.) This book is an extensive genealogy very useful for other family lines as well. Our Cemetery Association has reprinted the 3rd edition (1992) and is selling it, proceeds to go to cemetery maintenance and restoration.

Send check for $79.00 to the Salem & Greenbrier SDB Cemetery Assn, 171 E. Main St., Salem WV 26426. (For more information contact Janet Thorngate, same address; or (304) 782-1727; or

Susie (Davis) Nicholson granted permission to the Salem and Greenbrier Seventh Day Baptist Cemetery Association to reprint the book because it has been is continual demand. Proceeds go to the Cemetery Association, which maintains the two historic cemeteries where most of the original settlers and many of their descendants are buried. This printing is clothbound, 930 pages, 7 x 10 inches, including index.

Synopsis: Out of print for over ten years, this third edition is basically a genealogy of the family of Rev. William Davis (1664-1745), born in Wales, settled in Pennsylvania in 1684, died in Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., New Jersey. Several of his descendants formed the core group that settled the town of Salem, West Virginia (formerly New Salem, Virginia) in 1792. Included are biographies of William Davis (updated 1992) and his children and grandchildren who founded Salem and including considerable information on Seventh Day Baptists, the religious group of which they were a part first in Philadelphia, then Stonington, Conn., then Shrewsbury, New Jersey until the church migrated as a body to form the church and then the town in Salem, West Virginia.

There are genealogical entries for 37,000 of their descendants (down to 1992), 2,017 of them primary entries (i.e., assigned a number as head of a family as opposed to all the listings under those heads.) Included also is information on 35 colonial families of England and New England who were ancestors of the Davis families. Maps, photographs, and manuscript copies are also included as well as the complete name index, all in one volume.

Allied family names include Ash, Babcock, Bee, Bond, Cox, Fitz Randolph, Ford, Hall, Hutson, Maxson, Nicholson, Randolph, Smith, Sutton, Tharp, Williams, and many others.)

Please send me a copy of Davis: The Settlers of Salem, West Virginia (2005 reprint of the 3rd edition, 1992). Enclosed is a check or money order for & $79.00 ($75.00 plus $4.00 postage & handling) or for $75.00 if I plan to pick up the book in Salem.


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