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Monday, October 17, 2005

Re: knots and bumps and differences, oh my!

Re: knots and bumps and differences, oh my!: "Joanne and others,

You wrote: 'This 'knot' is also known as a 'pronounced' or 'enhanced' External Occipital Protruberance.'

You are mixing up two different things Joanne. No, the knot is not an external occipital protruberance.

Brent Kennedy first introduced me to the Central Asian Cranial Ridge and the Anatolian bump. He received the information from his resource team. Had he not had reference to these two terms, he would NEVER have started talking about them. And looking to anatomy texts will not uncover them. This is an anthropological thing that ONLY those anthropologists involved in research in the areas where they are found will have knowledge of.

The KNOT being talked about is ONE thing the 'proturberance' is another.

First the 'knot': The Anatolian 'bump' is about 2 inches or so above the BASE of the skull. It is the size of half a golf ball or smaller. It is located approximately in the center back of the skull although I have felt some that were slightly to the left or right of center.

Whether or not you can find anything in Grey's Anatomy on this 'knot', 'ridge', the Turks KNOW about it and they use it to distinguish themselves from others. I was in a group that contained 5 young men of Turkiq origin who were visiting. They told us a joke. 'Some young Turkiq men were working in Germany. They were speaking to an American who was also working there and he asked them, - how do you tell a Turk from a German?' The answer??? All five young men rubbed the back of their heads and laughed with glee!!"


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