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Friday, February 03, 2006


2Fz: "Austin TwoFeatherz


Native American

Trisha: Give me some background here, what your relationship is--how you first met Mr.Perry.

TwoFeatherz: I ran into DJ on set. They asked me to come out here and play a Native American in this movie, JUSTICE FOR ALL. I ran into Mr.Perry then. He's a great guy. We got along really well right off the bat.

Trisha: Really...?

TwoFeatherz: Yeah. And he shares a few other interests, like I do. I taught him how to throw a tomahawk and a knife.

Trisha: That's what I was going to ask you about.

TwoFeatherz: Yeah, he was a natural. I also taught Colin Ferell how to throw the tomahawk and knife.

Trisha: Really...?

TwoFeatherz: Um-hum. DJ and Colin and I are going to get together some day and have a good night/weekend.

Trisha: Well, invite me when you do that.

TwoFeatherz: Well, that 's up to Mr.Ferell.

Trisha: Okay, going back to this tomahawk, you obviously grew up learning this and...

TwoFeatherz: Well, I'm Native American and I'm also part Irish.

Trisha: Where are you from?

TwoFeatherz: I was born here, but my people come from mid-west, Ohio. My father and mother are both half, so that makes me about half. I'm Notoweega.

Trisha: My family originated from Ohio.

TwoFeatherz: Oh, okay. Just outside Cincinnati a ways. And I'm also a card-carrying native. (He had me a card) The back part is the best part.

Trisha: (reading from the card) 'The bearer of this card is entitled by birth to all the culture history, language and tradition of the indigenous people known as the Notoweega Nation and is hereto a recognized member subject to its jurisdiction of"


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